i-Phone Tips

Tips for Increasing Battery Life and Speed on the i-Phone

1. See what’s draining your battery (Settings, Battery, Check Battery Usage by clicking on clock next to Last 7 Days, check on what has high usage and if anything is running in background)

2. Low Power mode in Control Center. (Scroll up from bottom or Settings, Control Center, Customize Controls, Include Low Power Mode)

3. Lower Auto Lock Time to 1 or 2 minutes. (Settings, Display and Brightness, Auto Lock, Set for 1 or 2 minutes)

4. Fetch or Manual mail. (Settings, Accounts and Passwords, Fetch New Data, Set for Manually or whatever time you want, the longer the better)

5. Auto Brightness Off. (Settings, General, Accessibility, Display Accommodations, Auto Brightness)

6. Adjust Brightness level. (Settings, Display and Brightness, Adjust Brightness to 40-50%)

7. Disable Cellular when not using. (Settings, Cellular, Turn off Cellular)

8. Turn off Air Drop. (Control Center, Press on box in upper left to bring up Air Drop, Turn off)

9. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use. (Settings, Bluetooth Turn off Bluetooth)

10. Turn off Background App Refresh. (Settings, General, Background App Refresh, Turn off)

11. Location Services. (Settings, Privacy, Location Services, don’t select Always unless required)

12. Turn off Raise to Wake. (Settings, Display and Brightness, Raise To Wake)

13. Use Static Wallpaper. (Settings, Wallpaper)

14. Turn off Fitness Tracking (unless using the Apple Health App). (Settings, Privacy, Motion and Fitness, Fitness Tracking)

15. Airplane Mode if no signal. (Settings, Turn on)

16. Disable Widgets. (Scroll down from top, swipe right, edit)

17. Don’t kill apps. (Double click on home button)

18. Use low power on flashlight. (Control Center, See #1 above)

19. Turn off WiFi Assist. (Settings, Cellular, WiFi assist, Scroll up to bottom, Turn off WiFi Assist)

20. Turn off Hey Siri and Allow Siri When Locked. (Settings, Siri and Search, Turn off Hey Siri and Allow Siri When Locked)

21. Turn off Analytics and Advertising. (Settings, Privacy, Scroll to bottom, Turn off Share iPhone and iCloud Analytics)

22. Turn off some System Services. (Settings, Privacy, Location Services, Scroll to bottom, Turn off Significant Locations and Product Improvements)

23. Keep phone and apps updated. (Settings, General, Software Update) (Apps icon, Updates)       

24. Clear Ram. (Hold on the off button until you see the ‘slide to power off’ switch, then hold down the home button until you see the apple logo)

25. Clear History and Website Data on Safari. (Settings, Safari, Clear History and Website Data)

26. Reboot phone. (Turn off then restart)

27. Turn off Handoff. (Settings, General, Handoff)

28. Turn on Reduce Motion. (Settings, General. Accessibility, Reduce Motion)

29. Turn on Reduce Transparency. (Settings, General. Accessibility, Increase Contrast, Reduce Transparency)

30. Turn off Automatic Downloads. (Settings, iTunes & Apps Store, Automatic Downloads)

Things You might want to Change in IOS 11

1. Set up a strong password (Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, Enter your Passcode, Change Passcode, Enter your Passcode, Enter new Passcode or Passcode Options, Use at least 6 numbers (alpha numeric is best)

2. Two factor authentication (Settings, Name at the top of screen, Password & Security, Two Factor Authentication)

3. Night Shift (Settings, Display & Brightness, Night Shift)

4. Send to Last Location (Settings, Name at top of screen, iCloud, Find my Phone, Send Last Location)

5. Allow Access When Locked (Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, Allow Access When Locked, Turn off Siri, Return Missed Calls, Home Control)

6. You will want to limit Notifications (Settings, Notifications, Show Previews Always or When Unlocked and select the apps for notification)

7. If you find yourself in need of more space go to Settings, General, iPhone Storage. Look over your apps to see which apps you are not using. Click on the app and click on Offload App. That removes the app from your phone but leaves the data. The apps icon stays on the phone (cloud symbol in lower left corner of icon). Click on app to re-install.

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